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The Widowed Parent Podcast is your guide to the murky waters of “only-parenting“ after the loss of a spouse. After losing my husband to brain cancer when my kids were 9 & 11, I decided to set out each week in search of the best information, advice, and experts, and bring them straight to you.

Whether you listen at the gym, on your commute, or walking the dog, we hope you’ll join us for inspiration, empowerment, and connection.

Got questions you’d like answered on an episode? Call our voice mailbox at (669)257-3434 and leave a message. Or, answer this quick one-question survey. I’ll pick the most interesting questions and challenges, and hunt down experts to address them on upcoming episodes.

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I’ve listened to all of them and look forward to it each week. It’s real and relevant intermixed with a sense of hope for the future.
— Listener on Instagram

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