WPP 000: Welcome to The Widowed Parent Podcast


Hey everyone, it’s Jenny Lisk and this is episode zero of The Widowed Parent Podcast.

I’m having so much fun connecting with such interesting people and putting this show together, and I wanted to just pause a moment and let you know what’s coming.

You know, this show is a couple of years in the making. I found myself widowed almost 3 years ago, after my husband died of brain cancer when he was 44. My kids were 9 & 11 at the time.

I’ve been on the hunt ever since then for that book that just doesn’t seem to exist…that one that would tell me how to piece together this puzzle called ‘only parenting’ or ‘solo parenting’ or ‘widowed parenting’. Because I sure didn’t expect to be shifting gears like this in my 40’s, and midway through raising my kids. And, I bet you didn’t either.

So, I decided to go out in search of people who could give me (or actually, give all of us…) some advice and inspiration. And then share with everyone what I’m learning.

And, it’s actually perfect timing. I’m on a career sabbatical after nearly 20 years in the tech industry. So, I’m able to dive in, and dig up information and experts to talk to and learn from…so you don’t have to. So hey, whether you listen at the gym, on your commute, or while walking the dog, I hope you’ll join me for inspiration, empowerment, and connection.

Oh…and I love hearing from listeners on what their biggest challenges as a widowed parent are. You can call our voice mailbox at 669-257-3434 and leave a message. I’ll pick the most interesting ones, and hunt down experts to address them on upcoming shows. Or, you can go to widowedparentpodcast.com and submit your question online.

Thanks for listening. Until next week, keep smiling!

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