WPP 001: Health, life, & grief coach Kendra Zierau

Live your life the way that you feel called to do it. Parent the way you know your kids because you were created to be their parent. And nobody can take that away from you. And do not listen to the critics, because they will always be there. That advice has stayed with me forever, and it’s something I pass only every single one of my clients.
— Certified grief, health, and life coach Kendra Zierau

I had such a good time interviewing Kendra Zierau for the very first episode.

Kendra is a certified life, health & wellness, and grief coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her husband died of colon cancer about 8 years ago, when her kids were 8 & 9 years old. She has gone on to become a coach with a passion for helping people be healthy from the inside out.

We had a fascinating discussion about her experience as a widowed parent. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Links & resources for this episode

Kendra’s website (scroll down on homepage for Kendra’s free download “15 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle”)

Kendra’s story - video

Instagram @kendrazierau

Facebook @kendracareyzierau

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