WPP 004: Writer Jacob Pippin, on losing his mom at age 3

I’ve lived in that isolation and there were times where I thought that was a good place to be. And again it feels good very momentarily, and then you realize there’s no growth and no healing that ever comes from that, at least in my perspective. Be there for each other. That’s kind of what it boils down to.
— Writer Jacob Pippin
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I had such a great discussion with Jacob Pippin for this episode.

Jacob lost his mom when he was 3 years old. After that time he was raised by his grandparents. He is now 32 years old and is married with kids of his own, and he also volunteers at a children’s grief center in Orlando.

I loved hearing Jacob’s perspective on growing up after losing his mom, and his reflections on his experience now that he’s an adult. And you know, it’s not like his experience will tell me exactly what my kids are experiencing … but I feel like hearing from a variety of people who have walked the path my kids are walking will help me get some ideas on what they might be going through, and give me some good things to think about.

I hope you enjoy my discussion with Jacob Pippin.

Links & resources for this episode


Jacob’s blog post ‘Grief Has No Manners’

A Grief Observed, by CS Lewis

New Hope for Kids (Orlando)

National Alliance for Grieving Children

Jacob on Facebook & Instagram: @childrengrievetoo

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