WPP 016: Katie Barrows-Rempe’s reflections and tips on widowed parenting

To newly widowed parents, I would say to give yourself a break. Please take care of yourself. Whatever it is that gives you joy or peace or rest, please do that for yourself, and recognize how hard you’re working. You are on 24/7 right now. And you deserve a break, you need a break, you’re working hard, and if you’ve made it through today, then congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back, because making it through each day is not easy right now. And it does get easier. It takes time. But it does get easier.
— Katie Barrows-Rempe

I had such a great discussion with Katie Barrows-Rempe for this episode. Katie is actually a very good friend of mine in real life, and I’m so glad she was willing to sit down with me and share her perspective and tips from her 8 years as a widowed parent.

Katie and I talked about so many topics, including:

  • The importance of lining up help to give yourself a break, and designating regular times to get out of the house;

  • Cave days for yourself, and hooky days for your kids;

  • Tips on communicating with kids’ schools, both in the early days and as they get older and change schools;

  • How her family celebrates birthdays and anniversaries;

  • Supporting kids through milestones;

  • Connecting with other widows;

  • Deciding to start dating after loss; and

  • Her youngest child having special needs and what that has meant for his grief process.

I hope you enjoy my discussion with Katie Barrows-Rempe

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