Not sure where to start?

I get it…there are alot of episodes and it’s hard to know where to start. You could always start at Episode 1 and binge-listen while you take a long drive or do your holiday wrapping. Listeners have told me they’ve actually done both. :)

But in case you want a little more curated experience, try this:

Newly widowed?

  • Read my guide “What I’ve learned about widowed parenting”

  • Listen to episode 19 - Buffy Peters & Sasha Mudlaff talk about how to talk to kids about death, how to handle questions, the importance of being honest with kids, and so much more

  • Listen to episode 11 - Lane Pease from Kate’s Club talks about building resilience in kids after loss, and much more

  • Listen to episode 15 - Shelly Bathe Lenn from The Garden talks about healthy communication and helping kids feel safe after loss

Widowed dad?

Have teenagers / preteens?

Have younger kids?

Interested in hearing from people who lost a parent when they were young?

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