Day of Service ~ February 4, 2019 ~
World Cancer Day

A way for families to turn grief into action by helping in the fight against cancer

Who: Cancer widows & their families
What: PhilanthroParties* to help the fight against cancer
Where: Your home
When: Weekend of Feb 1-3
Why: To turn grief into action by helping the fight against cancer
How: A detailed planning guide will be sent to participants

Join my family the weekend of February 1-3 and host a small philanthroparty in your home. Invite your friends - or your kids’ friends - and choose from 3 fun options:

  1. Port Pillow Party ~ simple sewing project to make much needed comfort items for patients with portacaths.

  2. Soup Night Fundraiser ~ raise money for a cancer-related charity of your choice

  3. Online Options ~ for those who want quick-and-easy :)

*What is a PhilanthroParty? Simply put, it’s a way for you and your family to gather your community and have a good time, all while giving back to a great cause. (Big thanks to Lulu Cerone, 18-year-old author of PhilanthroParties!: A Party-Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back, for inspiring the PhilanthroParty idea for Take Action Against Cancer Day of Service.)

Take Action Against Cancer is a new, collaborative community of cancer widows and their families, turning grief into action. It was announced at the Biden Cancer Summit in September 2018. The goal is to mobilize cancer widows to engage in the fight against cancer in multiple ways: by raising awareness, fundraising for research, advocating for prevention, and supporting cancer patients.

Later in 2019, after Take Action Against Cancer Day of Service, we will be seeking contributors for two exciting projects:

  • A book of collected wisdom and advice from seasoned cancer widows to those new to this path; and

  • A similar book by kids and teens who have lost a parent to cancer, for their peers.

If you missed the kickoff of the Biden Cancer Community Summit for cancer widows & their families to turn grief into action, you can watch the replay on the right-hand side of this page.