They say it’s the club no one wants to join.

Or, the worst club with the best people.
I’m talking, of course, about widowhood.
And widowed parenting.

If you have to be in the club, well, I’m glad you found this site.

And yeah, there are alot of us, and no, we’re probably not what you imagined before you became widowed.

That’s ok.

I’m glad you’re here.*

*And sorry you need to be …

Swedish Medical Center Foundation video about my family’s story.


The Widowed Parent Podcast


The Widowed Parent Podcast is your guide to the murky waters of “only-parenting“ after the loss of a spouse. After losing my husband to brain cancer when my kids were 9 & 11, I decided to set out each week in search of the best information, advice, and experts, and bring them straight to you.

Megan’s Cards for Cancer


After my husband died, my 10 year old daughter said she wanted to help cure brain cancer when she grew up. She decided not to wait; together we started a social micro-business to raise money for critical research at the Ben & Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment in Seattle.

Take Action Against Cancer


Join us as we launch a new, collaborative community of cancer widows & their families turning grief into action. It all kicked off with our virtual Biden Cancer Community Summit on September 21.

Not sure where to start?