WPP 006: Therapist & parenting coach Tracey Biebel tackles listener questions on puberty & moms raising boys / dads raising girls

You have all the tools inside you to do it. You’re the perfectly imperfect parent to do this with your kiddo. Just talk about it. Just say something. Just open the door. That’s all you have to do. Just start. Start anywhere, and start awkwardly, and don’t feel like you have to have it perfect, because none of us do.
— Therapist & parenting coach Tracey Biebel

I’m very excited today to bring you our first show where we tackle your questions. Some fantastic questions have come in from listeners about moms raising boys after dad has died, or similarly dads raising girls after mom has died. This includes great questions around puberty, including talking with kids about bodies & relationships, and about finding male mentors for boys after dad has died, or vice-versa for girls.

My guest, Tracey Biebel, is a clinical social worker who is a therapist and family coach, and who deals extensively with these topics in her practice. We covered all sorts of ground, including Tracey’s tips on dating as a single parent, taking your kids to puberty classes, connecting with them as they grow and change, and also book recommendations on these topics for all ages.

A quick note, if you have young children around as you’re listening, you may wish to consider whether you want them to overhear our open and matter-of-fact discussion of these topics.

I hope you enjoy my discussion with Tracey Biebel.

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