WPP 003: Widowed parent & blogger Wendy Clough

I would say the biggest thing that I learned is that no matter what you’re feeling, it’s ok. If you’re feeling really sad and it’s 12 years later, that’s ok. And that if you’re really laughing and having fun, you don’t need to feel guilty for that. Whatever you’re feeling is really ok. And that I think helped me a lot, and helped my kids a lot too.
— Widowed parent & blogger Wendy Clough

I really enjoyed my conversation with Wendy Clough for this episode.

Wendy has been a widowed mom of 3 girls since her husband died 12 years ago, and last year she started blogging about her journey. We discussed all sort of things, including Wendy’s advice for talking with the kids’ schools, and milestones & events that can trigger kids’ grief, and her family’s experience with a grief support community in Seattle called The Healing Center.

I hope you enjoy my discussion with Wendy Clough.

Links & resources for this episode

Wendy’s blog – Unintentional Survivor

Blog post read by Wendy - The Widowhood Puzzle

The Healing Center (Seattle, WA)

The Dougy Center (Portland, OR)

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